Pregnancy Massage Techniques

The following techniques are just a few examples of effective ways in which therapeutic massage can help to alleviate some common pregnancy-induced discomforts.

Decompression of the hip and femur helps to alleviate external rotation of the hip and reduce pain from the hip joint andsurrounding tissues.

Gentle, deep tissue work to the buttock muscles helps to relax chronic tension, reduce pain in the hip and posterior pelvic joints, reduce pain referred from the broad ligaments and reduce compression of the sciatic nerve.

Passively tilting the pelvis stretches the lower back, helps to increase the ability to maintain pelvic/spinal alignment, reduces hip and lower back strain and reduces pain referred from strained uterine ligaments to the sacrum and lower back.

Gentle, deep tissue work to the muscles that run along both sides of the spine help to relax chronic tension and ease strain to joints in the lumbar and sacral region.

Gentle, deep tissue work to the shoulders, upper back, chest, neck, arms and hands helps to reduce chronic tension and reduce pain from postural imbalances.

Swedish massage and lymphatic drainage techniques can assist in reducing edema, reducing blood pressure and promoting increased blood and lymph circulation.