In-Home Massage and Hospital Outcalls

Photo credit: Kimi Photography

We understand that some instances make it difficult for clients to travel to our office for massage appointments.  In-home massage sessions are a great option for clients that are experiencing:

  • Bed rest during pregnancy
  • Late pregnancy discomfort making driving undesirable
  • Early postpartum when mother-baby separation is not ideal

We are also happy to provide in-home sessions for clients that simply want the luxury of not having to drive after receiving a restorative massage session.  We believe there are many therapeutic benefits to sustaining the deep relaxation that massage can induce.  Especially during pregnancy and postpartum when sleep and rest are crucial, yet sometimes difficult to achieve.

We are currently offering in-home massage sessions for established clients only.  We require that you have seen us at our office on at least one occasion before scheduling a home visit.  We also ask that clients provide linens and pillows for in-home sessions (6 pillows if pregnant or otherwise wanting to work in a side-lying position).  Your therapist will provide massage table and oils.  We also do require a written medical release for clients on bed rest.

Hospital Outcalls

We are also happy to provide hospital outcalls to moms that are either on bed rest during pregnancy or otherwise experiencing an extended hospital stay.  Our team of massage therapists all have advanced training in pre- and perinatal massage, including thorough understanding of safety, modifications and contraindications necessary with high-risk or complicated pregnancies.  Safety is our utmost concern and we will work closely with your care team to ensure your massage sessions are safe and appropriate.

Obtaining a Doctor Order is necessary for us to work in a hospital setting.  Please discuss this with your care provider.  You or any member of your care team are always welcome to call us with any questions or concerns.

Normal rates apply for both in-home massage sessions and hospital outcalls, in addition to a $25 travel free for locations within a 10 mile radius from our office:

  • 60 minutes, $100 (including travel fee)
  • 75 minutes, $115 (including travel fee)
  • 90 minutes, $130 (including travel fee)

Our team at Nature of Body is delighted for the opportunity to provide our advanced skill set to some of our clients that need it most.  Please contact us to discuss scheduling and availability.