Rates & Services

Swedish, Deep Tissue and Pregnancy Massage

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  • 60 minutes, $80
  • 75 minutes, $95
  • 90 minutes, $110

These massage sessions focus on relieving muscular tension and discomfort, providing preventative care, and promoting relaxation and wellness.  Every massage therapy session is custom tailored to meet your needs on the day of your scheduled appointment. Most sessions are comprised of a combination of techniques drawn from the modalities described below. Depending on your preference, all techniques can be applied with a depth of pressure varying from light to deep.

All massages include complimentary tea, use of your choice of essential oils and a steaming hot towel for your use after the session.

Home Visits and Hospital Outcalls

Above rates apply, in addition to a $25 travel fee for locations within a 10 mile radius from our office.

*Note:  Home Visits are currently being offered to established clients only.  We do require a signed medical release when working with clients on bed rest.  For Home Visits, we ask that clients provide linens and a total of 6 pillows (when pregnant or otherwise wanting to work in a side-lying position).  For Hospital Outcalls, a Doctor’s Order is required.  Please discuss this with your care provider.

Read more about In-Home Massage and Hospital Outcalls.

Rehabilitative Massage

  • $40 per 15 minute unit

These massage sessions are result oriented and performed with the intent of improving medical conditions or pathologies that have been diagnosed by a physician.  Various assessment techniques and modalities may be incorporated into a treatment session.  Sessions are documented in detail and by request, and with your permission, documentation may be provided to your referring provider or insurance carrier.  Some insurance carriers require pre-authorization for services rendered, in which case we are happy to comply.

If you have insurance that covers massage therapy either as a separate benefit or under your rehabilitation benefits, please contact our office by phone so that we can verify your benefits prior to your first appointment.  We are also happy to provide treatment and bill for motor vehicle accidents (MVA’s).

Body Scrubs

  • Full Body Scrub (approximately 50 minutes), $65
  • Add On to any massage, $45

Body scrubs are a simultaneously invigorating yet soothing full body treatment. Your choice of scrub is used for a stimulating exfoliation of the skin. Hot towels are then draped over one body part at a time, warming your limbs and core and revealing your glowing skin. Body scrubs are a wonderful addition to any massage and can also be a complete experience on their own.

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Massage Modalities

Swedish Massage Therapy

Often referred to as Relaxation Massage, Swedish massage incorporates a series of flowing, rhythmic strokes that help to relax the body as well as the mind. Tight muscles and areas of tension are lengthened with long gliding movements, kneaded, warmed with gentle friction and coaxed into relaxation. Swedish massage has a very profound effect on the body as a whole. It helps to increase the body’s blood and lymph circulation, flush toxins, break up adhesions and scar tissue, increase range of motion and promote deep, full-body relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

Deep tissue massage involves more focused work on areas of the body that are holding tension. Slow strokes and gradually increasing depth of pressure help to melt away connective tissue restrictions, relieve muscles spasms, pain and dysfunction. Our approach to deep tissue work is non-intrusive and depth of pressure is sensitively moderated to hover at pleasure/pain. This mindful approach to deep tissue massage effectively entices both body and mind to surrender to a state of balance and ease.

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger point therapy, also referred to as neuromuscular therapy and myotherapy, works to release stagnant points in muscles that are often referring pain to other parts of the body. These areas are referred to as trigger points. Trigger point therapy involves gentle concentration of pressure over these points to interrupt the neural signals that are causing complex pain patterns. This is believed to re-educate muscles and break cycles of spasm and pain.